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Holy Zeal


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This book is a collection of the general ideas and thoughts of Pope Shenouda III on Holy Zeal, the fire that every Christian wishes to have burning inside them. This was a topic that his holiness thought to be of particular importance to the members of the Coptic church. So much so that he put together a collection of lectures and notes on the topic along with a book called “Holy Zeal”. This book seeks to summarize this material and present it in an ebook form.

Pope Shenouda III was the Patriarch of Alexandria from 1971 until his death in 2012. He is credited with doing much to revitalize the Coptic church both in Egypt and abroad. He was a pivotal figure in inter-church dialogue in the 1970s that nearly lead to a reunion with the Orthodox and Catholic church. He also oversaw the expansion of the Coptic church from just four churches in North America to over two hundred.

Pope Shenouda III is one of the beloved figures of the Egyptian Coptic church. His insights and understanding are of a timeless nature that should speak to all Christians regardless of denomination.

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