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How Beautiful Is Your Journey To The Cross My Beloved Jesus


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Within this illustrated book are thirteen letters written from a child to the crucified Jesus Christ during the Holy Week of Pascha:

  1. The Last Friday of the Great Lent: I look forward to accompanying You Jesus.
  2. Lazarus Saturday: Why Haven’t You Recovered Dear Lazarus?
  3. In the House of Lazarus: The Beautiful Aroma of the Anointed!
  4. Palm Sunday: Take Me with You wherever You go!
  5. Inside the Temple: My heart records a message for You from inside the Holy Church.
  6. The Departure from Bethany: Are You hungry, You who feed all creations?!
  7. Holy Tuesday: The Wedding.
  8. Holy Wednesday: A Cruel Betrayal!
  9. Maundy Thursday: In the House of Mary, the Mother of Mark the apostle: The King who washes the Feet of His servants!
  10. In the Garden of Gethsemane: You entered the garden to open the gates of heaven for me.
  11. Good Friday: My Strength is made perfect in weakness!
  12. Bright Saturday: I no longer fear death.
  13. Easter Sunday: Christ is risen! Truly He is risen!

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