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Let me Grow – The World Of youth


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Our Youth, both in Egypt and abroad, experience many emotions and have great potentials. They are in need of someone who can enter their world and offer support without imposing on them and affecting their personalities. They need someone who can understand their innermost secrets without bias or prejudice. They need someone who reciprocates their love and appreciates their emotions and values. They need someone to support them without being an obstacle to their growth and to guide them without usurping the right of steering their own lives.


This book discusses the following topics:

  1. It’s so Difficult: Still a virgin, the body and sex, I do not want to be odd, feelings of inferiority, I want to be free, I wish to learn, sex has no taste.
  2. The Christ of The Youth: modern atheism, I am eternally young, the spirit of youth.
  3. Farewell to Childhood! Welcome to Maturity!: Respect my honor, you bear sexual traits but you are not merely sexual, emotional growth, maturity and sexual life, social growth
  4. Let Me Grow… Grow… Grow!: physical growth is a divine attended by problems.
  5. Adolescence and the Body: the body between deification and repulsion, the sacredness of the body, the attitude of our fathers towards the body, the human body and its passions.
  6. Love… A Journey of the Soul: the thirst for love, love transcends human language, the journey of the Ego, love at first sight!.
  7. You can’t trade Me. I’m a Human Being: I need your love, kindness and appreciation.
  8. Sublime Sex and Intercourse
  9. Adolescence and The Holiness of Marriage: family relationships, the community of love, love in marriage and virginity.
  10. Manliness and Femininity in Marital Life
  11. Evangelical Chastity and Modem Youth: an impossible yet sweet commandment, God grants chastity.
  12. The Sanctification of the Thought and Evangelical life: sanctification of senses.
  13. I Need You to trust in Me: rebellion and the generation gap, listen to me! talk to me!
  14. Youth and their Own World: dealing with the need to communicate.
  15. Sexual Depravity: forms of depravity 1- Auto sexual, 2- Homosexual, 3- Heterosexual.The AIDS
  16. Heterosexual Relationships

(160 Pages)


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