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Virginity And Holy Virgins


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Every child of God experiences the virginity of the soul, heart, and thought. He /she could be married, or be consecrated to minister and serve, or devoted to research and study, or committed to the priesthood and shepherding. In essence, virginity is the fellowship, union, and adherence to the heavenly Groom, the Lord of Glory Jesus Christ who is the object of God’s pleasure. Moreover, virginity denotes the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of every sincere and earnest believer who enjoys the work of the Holy Trinity in his/her life.

The writings of St. Jacob of Serugh, and his Homilies in particular, reveal the extent to which his thoughts, feelings, and his entire energy are occupied with the subject of virginity. This is not limited merely to the remarkable multiple repetition of the word ‘virginity’ and its synonyms; for you sense – as you read – that his depths are fired up by love of virginity; especially the virginity of the soul.

The main topics discussed in the book are:

  1. The Believer and the Life of Evangelical Virginity
  2. The Life of Virginity
  3. Christ, the Son of the Virgin
  4. The Church: The Virgin Bride
  5. Virginity and Faith
  6. Virginity and Repentance
  7. Virginity and Baptism
  8. Virginity and the Heavenly Kingdom
  9. The Sealed Virginity and the Open Prophecy
  10. The Rejoicing Virginity, the Vanquisher of the Grief of Death
  11. Examples of the Life of Virginity
  12. The Virgin Saint Mary

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