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Where Is The Divine Justice


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During the course of this month, I met with some young people who were struggling with their faith. They had questions that were raised by atheists who doubt God’s existence or His care for humanity.

Questions such as:

  1. Why are there natural disasters, like draughts, earthquakes, and volcanoes that sometimes destroy millions of innocent people, especially young children?
  2. Where is God’s justice when a child is born inheriting dangerous diseases, poverty, or a cruel nature from his parents for no reason, while another child is born healthy, wealthy and with exceeding social and cultural capabilities?
  3. What is the guilt of a child that was born handicapped?
  4. Where is God’s care when children lose their parents in accidents or because of diseases?
  5. Where is God’s care for those who are suffering bitter pains from diseases like AIDS, cancer, or other serious disease?
  6. What is the guilt of a cruel or a violent person that became so for no other reason but his neuronal disease?
  7. Why doesn’t God destroy the evil spirits that ruin many people’s lives?
  8. Why doesn’t God take away evil from the world so that everybody would live in a healthy quiet environment?

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